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The rear view of the wooden shophouses

The rear view of the wooden shophouses

A front view picture of the same old wooden shophouses

A front view picture of the same old wooden shophouses

The other day as I was having coffee with several relatives and friends at Kedai Kopi Kun Sang in Keningau, it dawned upon me that this particular block of very old wooden shophouses were the only remaining evidence of Keningau modern history as far back as the early 1950s.

The shop at the corner of this block was used to be owned by one very prominent local sino-dusun/murut community leader popularly known as Uncle Endiu whose mother came from a small village in Bingkor. He used to rent the upper floor of his shop to UPKO in the early 1960s but was sadly vacated when the then Datuk Donald Stephens as he was then called dissolved UPKO and took the name of Fuad Stephens when he embraced Islam.

These shophouses withstood the test of times and became a source of nostalgic reminiscence of the good old days where Muruts from around Keningau, Sook and Pensiangan would converge every end of the months to buy food and other basic necessities.

These were the times when the people from the interior would take the opportunity to meet and celebrate with their relatives and friends. And of course, almost at all times, uncle Endiu would be on hand to welcome them and celebrate together in his coffeeshop.

For those folks who do not have the privilege of meeting and knowing uncle Endiu, suffice to say that he was a man of great integrity, down to earth and would go to great length to help the Muruts whenever they were in financial difficulty. In other words, he was ever willing to offer financial assistance regardless of the fact that repayment would not be forthcoming. That was uncle Endiu, a selfless man who cared more for the people than his own. That was why, I thought, with due respect to his blessed soul and family, he was just “cukup makan” until the day he died in the early 80s.

However, he left a legacy for all of us to remember in the good persons of his children who amongst them are Henry Chu, a Senior Corporate Manager in Sabah Credit Corporation and Fr. Charles Chu, a catholic priest who had earned two Ph.Ds from one of the most distinguished universities in the USA.

Now, as times goes by, would this historical wooden shophouses give way to modern development? Folks, only time will tell. Yes, only time will tell.



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