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It is human nature after all..

Folks, as I was surfing the internet, I came across this story which I thought worthwhile to post it on my blog for you to share and appreciate the moral of the story.

Here it goes…

A farmer and his son wanted to sell their donkey in the market.
So, they walked to the market, pulling the donkey along with them.

They passed by a field and met another farmer who called out to them, “What’s wrong with the both of you? Why are you walking when you have a donkey that you can ride on?”

The farmer looked at his son and told him to ride on the donkey.
The son obliged.

A while later, they met a lady who was on the way back from the market herself.
“Shame on you, young man,” she said. “How can you let your father walk all the way to the market while you are riding on the donkey? Get down this instance and let your father ride the donkey”.

The son, red-faced, got down from the donkey and told his father to ride it instead.

Not too long later, they met a couple of farmers who were working on their fields.
“Look at that,” one of the farmers said to the other. “The father is having a good time riding the donkey, while his son has to suffer the heat and walk.”

The farmer and his son were dumbfounded.
Finally, they decided that they would both ride on the donkey.

The donkey, struggled to walk as the combined weight of the farmer and his son was just too much for him to bear. As it was trying it’s best to put one step after another, another farmer walked pass.

“What are the both of you doing? Are you crazy? Can’t you see that you are too heavy for the donkey? It is the both of you who should be carrying the donkey to the market, not the other way round.”

The farmer and his son then got down of the donkey. After a while, they decided that the donkey is too tired to walk to the market and decided to carry the donkey themselves. They tied the donkey to a stick, upside down, and carried the stick over their shoulders.

The donkey, who had had about enough that day, did not like being upside down. It kicked, and brayed and struggled and managed to get itself free. It then ran away, as fast as it could.

The moral of the story : There is no way one can please everyone.  It is  human nature afterall….



of fake Ph.Ds and all

There seems to be no end to the subject of fake Ph.Ds and all.  Serious allegations have been thrown at some very prominent Malaysian citizens that they had resorted to buying online Ph.Ds for the sole purpose of proping up their social status.  Is it ethical?  Well. according to Royal Prof. Ungku Aziz, it is very unethical for someone to obtain their Ph.Ds the easy way.  But does anybody care?  To the ” DRs” concerned, definitely NOT.

But the Government?  There is an ongoing effort to curb this social problem from becoming malignant. The call to register genuine Ph.D holders seems to be very practical as a way to filter out those having fake ones. 

Even our local universities are not spared. Just last week there was report of a contract lecturer being expelled for having a fake certificate.  Imagine that folks!  How could a person had the balls to parade around campus knowing fully well that he was not the least qualified even to be a primary school teacher.    

Closer to home, I remember an old acquiantance, a woman whom I knew to have never gone to University but out of the blue, she was flashing her business card showing an LL.B qualification from the UK.  Being a qualified lawyer myself,  I asked her about a subject that all law students should be able to answer in their first year of  law studies. To my surprise, she was just mumbling.  I couldn’t even understand what she was saying as she struggled with her english. Funny world eh!

A couple of years later, I was again taken by surprise that this particular woman had assumed the prefix “DR” in front of her name and was actually involved in one of the natives’ cultural association recently.   Well. I thought this woman  must be one hell of a lady and therefore, I would love to have a very serious academic discussion with her one day.

Well. What say you folks. I leave it to you to judge.


Oops! mind your dress please…

In the name of LOVE

In the name of LOVE

Despite the current global economic gloom, the fight for soulmates amongst the fairer sex has never been so intense as shown in the picture above. Oops! mind your dress please….


Effect of Global Warming

To most citizens of the world, Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth is nothing but a masterpiece which of course, had conveniently earned him an Oscar. The truth is simply awesome. He may have gone at great length to present to the world about the serious effect of global warming with state of the art visual effect. The question however, it was simply too technical and too scientific for the ordinary people on the streets to understand.

Folks, this picture which I am about to post may assist them to really understand what is actually “global warming” without having to sit and listen to Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth:

The effect of global warming over the years.....

The effect of global warming over the years.....


Malaysians are not so hot in the bedroom

Wednesday February 25, 2009
Malaysians not so hot in the bedroom
(as published in The Star)

KUALA LUMPUR: A surprisingly high number of Malaysians are not sexually satisfied, a survey by pharmaceutical company Pfizer has revealed.

Two out of three Malaysian men and three out of four women are not satisfied with their sex lives, the Asia-Pacific Sexual Health and Overall Wellness survey stated. Malaysians are ranked sixth among 13 countries but, if it’s any consolation, Singaporeans fared worse. They are in eighth spot.

India topped the list with 70% of the respondents saying they were satisfied with their sex lives while Japan reported the lowest sexual satisfaction rate at 10%. “The Malaysian figure is higher than the overall Asia Pacific results where 57% of men and 64% of women reported being not very satisfied with sex,” said Dr Rosie King, who led the study in the Asia Pacific region from May to July 2008.

“The survey links the level of erection hardness to sexual satisfaction for men.” said Dr King during a roundtable discussion at a hotel here yesterday.

The level of erection hardness is measured in a scale of one to four using the Erection Hardness Score (EHS) developed by the European Association of Urology.

“Level one is like tofu where the male organ is large but not hard, level two is similar to a peeled banana where it’s not hard enough for penetration, level three is like an unpeeled banana where it’s hard enough for penetration but not completely, and level four is similar to a cucumber where it’s completely hard and fully rigid,” explained Dr King.

The men were required to evaluate themselves using the EHS during the survey and 40% of Malaysian men reported that they experienced erection below grade four.

Compared to their EHS grade four counterparts, these men have sex less often, are less sexually satisfied, and may suffer from lack of self confidence, or worse, depression.

“We found that greater sexual satisfaction is strongly associated with greater satisfaction with life overall. Generally, men and women who are highly satisfied with their sex life have a more positive outlook on their relationships and life.

In Malaysia, 102 men and 100 women were selected nationwide based onage, marital status, education level, and income to participate in the survey.

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