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The world is not enough ….

Gaza in flames The Israeli unproportionate and merciless carnage of the Palestinians people in Gaza in the pretext of a unilateral self-defence against grave threats of Hamas’ rockets have attracted condemnation by not only Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican but from the muslim and non-muslim countries as well. Except for the USA which had abstained, as was naturally expected, the UN Security Council had issued a resolution calling for an immediate end to the hostilities which have resulted, so far, in the death of almost 900 palestinians.

As had been widely reported, despite the UN resolution, both the Israeli and Hamas have continued the hostilities resulting in further escalation of civilians deaths in Gaza.

Today, on the local front, the Parliament of Malaysia has witnessed an unprecedented historical notch in malaysian politics whereby both BN and the opposition members of parliaments have unanimously passed a motion to condemn Israeli military offensive in Gaza of which among others, a resolution to call on the United Nations to immediately set up a War Crimes Tribunal to investigate and bring to book the perpetrators of the atrocities against the Palestinians.

Be as it may, I am aware of the fact that a very large section of Malaysians do have a common perception of the war in Gaza as being a war between the Jews and the Muslims which I believe it is not particularly so. If I may quote in verbatim Raja Zarith Idris’ Mind Matters published at page F31 on the 11th January 2009 of the Sunday STAR where she said ” I would like to suggest that we, as older, responsible Malaysians, be very careful in how we inform younger Malaysians about the present war in Gaza. We have already made much of racial and religious issues in our own country: most of us have argued that we must think of ourselves as Malay­sians rather than identify ourselves as different groups of people according to our religions. Thus, we may confuse younger Malaysians when we talk about “the Muslim world” and “the Jewish people”.

” Wouldn’t it be better for us to make sure that they understand that the war in Gaza is about the conflict between two countries, Israel and Palestine?”

” Although Israel’s population is mainly Jewish, there are also Chris­tians and Muslims who live there. Similarly, not all Palestinians are Muslims.”

” This is what we must make clear to younger Malaysians: that we identify ourselves by the countries we live in and by our citizenship, whatever our religions may be.”

” Thus, we must understand that the war in Gaza is a continuation of the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestine territories that began in the Six-Day War of 1967.”
What lies beyond the bounds of logic, however, is how Israel, a tiny country, could wantonly do as it wishes with Palestine. Israel has been able to nip and gnaw at Palestinian land as it so wishes, so that the state of Israel grew but Palestine did not, divided instead into two isolated patches: the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.”

Indeed, by nibling and gnawing on Palestinian lands, I can only deduce that the present Gaza war is not because the Israeli are anti-muslim but most importantly, THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH for them. On the other hand, I truly believe therefore, that since Malaysia is a multiracial and multicultural country, rethorics aside, the above statements should be widely explained by the Government to all demographic levels of Malaysians lest they would have a misconceived idea of the hostilities in Gaza as being a war specifically against the Muslims only.

My prayers to the Palestinians in Gaza.


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