Overwhelming support !!

A large section of community leaders from P182 Pensiangan. A courtesy of Pensianganpress

A large section of community leaders from P182 Pensiangan. A courtesy picture from Pensianganpress

When I stepped into the banquet room at the lower ground of the Keningau Perkasa Hotel yesterday morning, there were only a few remaining chairs left at the front row of the room. The atmosphere was full of excitement though unruffled. I could sense that something very important was about to be unveiled by the PBRS president to some 250 community leaders from P182 Pensiangan comprising of the District Chief, Native Chiefs, Assistant Native Chiefs, Village Heads, JKKK Chairmen, PBRS Divisional Committee Members, Youth and Wanita Divisional Committee Members of N37 Sook and N38 Nabawan.

It was indeed a very important speech. The President took it into his stride in explaining the reasons why he had to go public in his defence of several unfounded allegations by the opposition parties and to some extent, a couple of individuals in BN itself.

He could not fathom the allegation of no infrastructure development in Sook during his tenure as an Assemblyman for what was then N41 Sook. To enlighten the community leaders, he took pain in bringing them down memory lane to 1985 when he won Sook for the first time as an assemblyman. Sook was then a very underdeveloped constituency. There was no sealed road from Keningau to Sook. There was no electricity. There was no clean water supply in most parts of Sook. There was no systematic government administrative office to cater for the need of the people. There was not even conducive primary schools nor was there a Government secondary schools and lastly, as a consolation, there were only makeshift tuckshops then in what is now called Pekan Sook or Sook Sub-District.

As compared to today, he showed to those present that there is now a sealed road from Keningau to Sook and Nabawan. There is electricity supply to most parts of Sook and that as he spoke, electrical posts were being delivered and erected in Kg. Lanas, Sook and that the BN Government has already approved the sealing of the exsisting Sook – Sinua gravel road and the Ansip – Dalit gravel road in the RM9. There are also many primary schools built in Sook as well as two Government Secondary Schools respectively in Pekan Sook and in Tulid and finally, he stressed that clean water supply in Sook will be a thing of the past once they are implemented in several areas of Sook in RM9 and RM10 respectively. He also pointed out that, Pekan Sook is now a subdistrict with an Assistant District Officer helming the administration of the area and that there are now two rows of concrete shophouses mostly operated by the natives of Sook.

With this unblemished record of development, he wondered why the people of Sook could easily be cheated and influenced by the opposition parties’ allegation about of no development in Sook in all the years he was their assemblyman and that as their current Member of Parliament, he could provide much more development not only in Sook but in Nabawan as well.

However, when he spoke about the current hot issue of a Murut candidate that need to be nominated to contest in Pensiangan, he talked at length about the sensitivity of the matter. To him, when he chose his protege, YB Datuk Ellron Angin, a Murut, to be the BN candidate of Sook in the last general election, he had not, at all material times, considered the race factor. Instead, it was his loyalty, diligence and commitment to the party that swayed in his favour.

After he ended his speech, there was an eruption of applause before he made an exit and thereafter, several calls for a resolution to nominate him as the Pensiangan BN candidate should there be a by-election.

True enough. When a resolution was called, there was an overwhelming and unanimous support for Tan Sri Kurup to be nominated as the BN candidate should a by-election is held in Pensiangan.

Unanimous support for Tan Sri Kurup as the BN Candidate. Courtesy of Pensianganpress

Unanimous support for Tan Sri Kurup as the BN Candidate. Courtesy of Pensianganpress

As a politician, I am especially inspired by the speech. To me, there are so much to be learnt from this particular man. One thing I truly learned from YB Datuk Ellron Angin’s political experience is that in politics one must be truly patience and posseses unquestionable loyalty to the Boss and the party.



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